Neurological conditions can present in a variety of ways.  Some presentations, the world is familiar with, such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and ALS; but many we don’t have names for.  Physical therapy can help at any stage of the game.  Our therapists can help you regain strength that you may have lost, help with balance changes, and address limitations that you may be experiencing in your daily life.  We can also assist with developing a home exercise program to maintain what you have and prevent further decline.  Our physical therapists can also make recommendations for adaptive equipment in the home to make your life easier as well as family and caregiver assistance to help those you may be involved in your care.  Our goal is to make you as independent as possible while pursuing the activities that you love.  Our one on one treatment sessions allow you and your physical therapist to spend time on the treatments and information you need most where you are today.