At Bedford Physical Therapy we hope that you and your loved ones staying healthy during these uncertain times.   This pandemic has affected everybody in one way or another, but we understand that aches and pains have not been put on hold during this time.

As recommended by the CDC we have and will continue to stay open helping our patients become pain free.  In doing so we have taken several steps in order to keep all of our staff and you safe during these times.

Below is a list of the changes we’ve made to adhere to all the CDC and state guidelines.

  1. Face masks are being worn by staff at all time. It is now required that patients also wear face masks when able to do so.
  2. To comply with social distancing we are asking patients to arrive as close to your scheduled appointment time as possible. If early to wait in the car until your scheduled time to reduce the number of bodies within the clinic at any given time.
  3. Staff are performing temperature and symptom checks daily to ensure good health status.
  4. Clinic is reserved to patients only. Guests, spouses or children are asked to please wait in the car during patients session or remain at home as able.
  5. Upon arrival it is required that patients wash hands prior to the start of PT session.
  6. When signing in use pen from “clean” container and place in “dirty” container when finished to limit pens to single use.
  7. Equipment used is wiped down with disinfectant immediately after every patient use.
  8. Emails to fill out intake information for initial evaluations to reduce time spent in office filling out paperwork.

As always safety and your health are our number one goals.  If you or your loved ones would like to discuss what is causing your aches or pains or if you would like more information on how we are operating during these times please don’t hesitate to call or email.

Take care and stay safe!

Bedford Physical Therapy

May 8, 2020 , Posted in Physical Therapy and Sports