If you have ever been to Bedford PT you know that we take pride in staying in contact with patients and encourage phone calls or emails regarding questions you may have after discharge.  If you haven’t been to see one of our outstanding physical therapists and are wondering if our type of physical therapy can help you, the discovery visit was created for you! Too frequently we hear things like “I had no idea you treated that” or ” I just decided to live with it because nobody recommended physical therapy to me”!  We as physical therapists treat such a wide variety of disorders and that variability can lead to some confusion on what we actually do.

Bedford  PT wanted to remove that barrier / confusion and have you meet one of our physical therapists one on one to discuss your unique injury or issue without jumping through hoops to do so. A 10-15 minute discussion is all it takes to determine if we can help you, or refer you to another specialist. We have great relationships with excellent medical professionals in the region and refer to them frequently when something doesn’t appear appropriate for physical therapy. We call this process the Discovery Visit! We identify if your injury / issue is appropriate for physical therapy or requires a referral out to an alternate specialist.  During this visit you also discover all the services we have to offer you.

Since starting the Discovery Visit early this year we have been surprised at the variety of people that have taken advantage of it. We see patients ranging from the student athletes injured during sports games to the weekend warriors.  As the popularity of these sessions have increased so has the diversity of reasons for attending the visit. We see a wide range from high level collegiate athletes with movement deficits to age related fall risk and vestibular / vertigo disorders on a consistent basis.

The discovery visit is now even easier to set up! Go to our website https://www.bedfordpt.com and click on the Discovery Visit link. Our front office staff will contact you with in 24 hours with our available Discovery Visit time options.

What are you waiting for?! Get back to your life with less pain and Recover. FASTER.

December 18, 2018 , Posted in Physical Therapy and Sports